Unity of Belonging is an interactive and in-depth course teaching the youth of today empathy, acceptance, and understanding to help build the leaders of tomorrow.

The goal is as follows:

Allow individuals to be more aware of how they are impacted by or contribute to racial thinking and discrimination. This will be implemented by running two sessions every week for seven consecutive weeks all focusing on current discriminated groups.

Through the use of appropriate language and self-reflection, the aim of this project is to increase awareness of language and understanding surrounding current social justice issues. This is to promote the increase of knowledge and awareness for the leaders of tomorrow.

Focusing on topics such as racism, homophobia, and sexism, our mission is to engage deep thought in youth in order to spark meaningful insight and conversations. This will be done on a global, local, and individual context as well as studying the language pertaining to each topic

At the end of this project, our aim is to implement a year-long workshop for the general public in which we will be bringing in guest speakers focusing on several of the topics highlighted in the initial pilot, as well as diving into a deeper and more complex discussion about such topics.

Each participant will receive a certificate recognizing their completion of the Unity of Belonging workshop which can be used for workplace training, resumes, scholarship and university applications, etc.

Proposed Topics/Timeline

  • Week 1. July 9th & 11th: What is Racism
    • Personal relations
    • Highlighting cultural differences
    • Cultural bias
    • Dynamics of culture
    • Overview of the program
    • Unconscious and conscious bias
    • Role of ideologies
    • Preventative measure
  • Week 2. July 16th & 18th: Indigenous Learning and Issues
    • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
    • Highway of Tears
    • Blanket ceremony
    • Residential Schools
    • The untold history of Canada
    • Drug and Alcohol Use
    • Government spending and funding
  • Week 3. July 23rd & 25th: Internalized Racism and Colonialism
    • Inter and Intra personal violence
    • Hierarchies and stereotypes within minorities
    • Perceived emphasizing qualities
    • Racism in Media
    • Stereotyping
  • Week 4. July 30th & August 1st: Language and Labeling
    • Everyday Slurs
    • Impact of language
    • Using appropriate and inappropriate language
    • Internalization
    • Cultural
  • Week 5. August 6th & 8th: Homophobia
    • What is homophobia?
    • LGBTQ+ community
    • Importance of Pride
    • Impact of discrimination on individuals
    • Media perception
    • Drag
  • Week 6. August 13th & 15th: Sexism
    • History
    • Patriarchy, egalitarianism, matriarchy
    • Stereotyping
    • Social Impact
    • Economics, social issues, physical and mental issues
    • Subtleties
    • Media
    • Changing Nature
  • Week 7. August 20th & 22nd: Local effect and Self Reflection
    • Vulcan County
    • Alberta, Canada, North America
    • Local Attitudes
    • Institutional impact and contribution
    • Government impact
    • Ongoing supports and resources
    • Self Reflection
    • Impact of program
    • Critiques


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