Why employers should invest in the 9 Essential Skills

Why employers should invest in the 9 Essential Skills:

Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, Document Use, Thinking Skills, Continuous learning, Working with Others, Numeracy and Computer Use are the 9 Essential Skills. These 9 Essential Skills help the employers English Language Learners:

  1. Better Health and Safety Records: Providing employees with a better understanding of safety practices will lead to fewer injuries, less employee downtime and lower insurance costs.
  2. More Efficient use of Resources: Skill training helps employees reach their potential. Skilled people make better use of materials, reducing the costs of error and waste.
  3. Employee Satisfaction and Retention: Through investment in training that is right for the workforce, employees will have higher job satisfaction, motivation and commitment.

Who can help?

The Alberta Workforce Essential Skills Society (AWES) is a training and research and development organization. Employers come to AWES when they want to increase productivity and workplace capacity.

AWES acts as objective observers who can provide sound advice and strategies to close essential skills gaps.

Once AWES’ assessment is complete, they may contact Rainbow Literacy Society to provide FREE English language training.

Sue Oguchi is our AWES representative in Southern Alberta. You can reach her by either calling AWES at 1-403-392-0944 or emailing her at: sue@awes.ca