About the 100 Club


Rainbow Literacy & Learning Society would like to offer you a unique opportunity to become part of the 100 Club.

It’s easy!!


Donate $100.00 towards Rainbow Literacy & Learning Society.


You choose if it is for 1 year, 2 years or longer.


We mail you a reminder each year that you would like to donate.


Fill in the form only once.


The benefits:                                                                  

  • Tax receipt                                                    
  • The gift of Literacy                             
  • Annual report to see how the funds have been used                                       


Mission Statement: Rainbow Literacy Society is a non-profit society that provides literacy support and education through accessible programs and services to improve the quality of life for everyone in Vulcan County.


Vision: Enhanced literacy for all.


About Rainbow Literacy & Learning Society: Rainbow Literacy and Learning Society is a non-profit charitable organization that was founded 24 years ago. Rainbow Literacy and Learning Society depends on financial aid through government funding but also through corporate partnership, donations, bursaries, grants and personal donations. The Rainbow Literacy & Learning Society serves the residence of Vulcan County in adult and family literacy and learning. We are very well versed in the challenges of serving in a rural population. Barriers of transportation, social and geographical isolation and childcare concerns. These issues are addressed through the programs that the Rainbow Literacy & Learning Society offers.



History of Rainbow Literacy & Learning Society: The Rainbow Literacy & Learning Society (RLLS) is a volunteer, non-profit society which was formed by a group of volunteers to promote literacy to all ages and stages of people in Vulcan County.  Members of Rainbow Literacy & Learning Society believe that language, literacy and communication skills are critical factors in the lives of every citizen in our community.  The Rainbow Literacy Society has served a wide range of residence in our county for the past 28 years.



Data: Research has shown that the level at which one can use our language will determine self-esteem, academic achievement, social economic status, and even health.  Children with poor communication skills entering kindergarten have a much greater risk of academic failure in later years.  Poor literacy skills in teens are considered one of the highest risk indicators for drug and alcohol addiction.  Adults who struggle with literacy problems are often marginalized and isolated from the greater society. Our society has worked hard on developing programs to help with preventative as well as support programming.


At this time there is a problem with low literacy rates in Alberta which has a direct impact on our society. Unfortunately one in three Albertans struggles to understand the most basic written material and one in seven people lack the ability to read or write. Rainbow Literacy Society has a goal to improve that ratio by creating programs that are available to all to learn free of cost.


Programs: The Rainbow Literacy Society uses programs that are recognized provincially and nationally. We have also developed additional programs that focus on prevention and early intervention for families as well as adults, living in a large rural geographic area. The development of in-home family literacy programs, as well as onsite programming including our new Learning Center, in the town of Vulcan is imperative to our county as a whole.


Who we are: We are a society that consists of very active Board Members (11), Volunteer Tutors (13), Facilitators (Builders) (15) and an administrative staff (4) that create and develop programs that are free of charge for the residence of our County. Our organization is home grown in that most of its funding is received through local resources. At this time we are now looking to branch out and incorporate the generosity of individual donations that are available to help us fiscally.

Mandate: Our mandate is to raise awareness of literacy issues and to involve the community in finding solutions to these problems.


May stay anonymous or may allow us to publish their names.